Eating Well

Background:  The Center for Applied Nutrition wanted to develop a mobile app to be used in their department with obese patients. The idea was that each category had a specific threshold for recommended dose; for example, fruit might have a recommendation of 4 servings per day. As users updated their intake throughout the day, each category would change color (green, orange, red) to easily ascertain one’s progress.

Role:  There were 4 people total on our team; 2 developers, 1 product owner, and myself, which served as the designer on the project.

Project:  Up until now, a paper form is used to track dietary intake of patients, and the client wanted an easier way to track food intake, as well as allow their patients to be able to see their progress throughout the day, based on the thresholds set for each category.

The design I came up with allows users to see every food category that’s being tracked, and allows them to see their progress, as indicated by the progress bars below each category. Another important design consideration was being able to keep things simple and minimize the number of screens needed to view and update food intake. This was accomplished by being able to simply click on a category, increasing or decreasing a serving, and then saving. Some icons were used from Dribbble, and some were created from scratch to match the categories.

eating well

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