I’m Tony Wareck, a web designer with over 16 years experience working on the web. I started working on the web right around the time the CSS Zen Garden came to light and really changed the thinking of layout and presentation on the web.

I worked for almost 10 years at UMass Medical School, where I was a front-end developer. My main responsibilities were creating CSS themes for the some 300 university microsites under the UMassMed domain. I also was the primary designer on some of the university’s first mobile applications, where I helped design and launch 4 mobile applications.

I’m currently a front-end designer at Waters, where my main responsibilities are working with CSS, creating user journeys, designing new components for the Waters website, interactive prototypes, and then handing off to developers for implementation.

When I’m not spending my time online and designing, I’m usually helping out on my parent’s Christmas tree farm, Riverwind Tree Farm.