My Work

Welcome to my work!

Center for Mindfulness

The idea behind this app for the Center for Mindfulness was to create a simple meditation app that users could easily use to have a short “mindfulness” break using the app. There were several iterations of the design until I settled upon the finalized design. We decided on having a day/night mode with a different blurred background image depending on the time of day (and user preference).

One design consideration was the timer progress display itself. Through many iterations, I landed on creating a simple timer that showed the background image masked; as the timer counted down, more of the background image would be revealed. There are far too many apps out there that use a timer numerical timer, so having a visual display of the timer was a unique choice.

Lastly was the app icon itself. The client in the decided to use their existing icon as the app icon. The finalist that I designed uses a simple abstract flower that’s normally associated with mindfulness/meditation apps.

Eating Well

I was tasked with creating a design for this mobile app, whose focus is to help obese patients track their food intake, with the hope that they will be able to lose weight while doing so.

Up until now, a paper form is used to track dietary intake of patients, and the client wanted an easier way to track food intake, as well as allow their patients to be able to see their progress throughout the day, based on the thresholds set for each category.

The design I came up with allows users to see every food category that’s being tracked, and allows them to see their progress, as indicated by the progress bars below each category. Another important design consideration was being able to keep things simple and minimize the number of screens needed to view and update food intake. This was accomplished by being able to simply click on a category, increasing or decreasing a serving, and then saving. Some icons were used from dribbble, and some were created from scratch to match the categories.

Add to Lose - Intake
Add to Lose - Detail
Add to Lose - icon

Riverwind Tree Farm

For the Riverwind site, I worked on creating a simple website that would attract users to visit the site and come support their local tree farm. Every couple of years updates have been made, first with a responsive web design in 2013 which saw our web traffic increase 50% from the year prior. This past year, I updated the design to something more modern and worked on improving performance, and saw a steady increase in page views from years past. As a whole, there have been numerous accounts from customers from as far away as Main and Connecticut who have said they found our site online, enjoyed the simplicity of it, and decided to come buy a Christmas tree at our farm.