Link: Waters.com

Background:  Re-design of the entire waters.com website, starting with the homepage and then with updating the Shop (e-commerce) sections.

Role:  QA Design lead, UX Designer

Quote History

Designing a section under My Account where users can view and create quotes from items in their carts. This is extremely important for Waters, as a large number of orders originate from quotes. The biggest obstacle for this project was to create an interface that has a lot of different elements: quote status, created date, quote number, estimated quote price, and a CTA button where they can easily create a new quote from an expired one.

quote history screenshot
Quote to Order

Share Cart

Part of the checkout experience, I worked on the research and design for the Share Cart functionality, which allows users to share a cart with someone.

Share cart modal

Waters.com Emails

As part of the waters.com redesign project, I created a template in Litmus that we use when a user places an order, creates an account, creates a quote and more.

Waters Account Email