I’m a front-end designer who currently works at Waters.

Throughout my career, I’ve focused on designing websites, mobile apps, email campaigns, and enterprise applications (mostly .NET). I’ve been a champion of thinking of the user first, and thinking about how the decisions we make during development will affect the user experience of the end user.

Center for Mindfulness is focused on exploring, understanding, articulating and furthering mindfulness in the lives of individuals, organizations and communities through clinical care, rigorous scientific research, professional training, and informed public discourse.

I worked with them on designing and developing their first cross-platform mobile application, with a focus on creating a simple meditation app that tracked stress levels before and after meditation.

Add to Lose was a mobile application developed for the Center for Applied Nutrition at UMass Medical School. It uses an evidence-based approach to help produce weight loss and lower heart disease risk in a clinical setting.

I worked with the team at the Center for Applied Nutrition designing and developing a mobile app that helps users track, update, and view their daily food intake based on major categories.