Yeah, about me…

My name is Tony Wareck and I love making things for the web. I currently work at Waters, where I’m a front-end designer where I do a lot of UI/UX design, email design, and of course, HTML/CSS design.

Prior to Waters, I worked at UMass Medical School for almost ten years, where I worked in Information Technology. For the majority of the time there, I worked on the website where I helped design, develop, and maintain the CSS for the school. I helped co-author a design standards document to help product owners when they met with clients. The last couple of years at UMass, I transitioned to the mobile app team, where we developed four cross-platform mobile applications and launched two in the App Stores.

When I’m not working on the web, I’m usually working on my parents Christmas tree farm, Riverwind Tree Farm. Yes, I developed that website, and yes its in need of a major update!

Other than that, I love spending time with my beautiful wife Tanya and our three rescued cats.